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The Doralfe line of designer bathroom faucets and fixtures synthesizes simplicity and elegance. Doralfe offers eclectic designs that set a discriminating yet luxurious tone in your bathroom. The Doralfe Collection puts artistic elegance within reach for those who crave more than basic function.

Doralfe products utilize the same valving systems as all other Phylrich products. From the thermostat to the quarter-turn ceramic valves, Doralfe promotes ingenuity and innovation with regard to functionality.

With multiple series in its collection, as well as numerous finishes from which to choose, Doralfe is sure to offer a look that suits your taste. Available finishes include polished brass, satin nickel, pewter, polished chrome, antique brass and antique bronze.

Bathroom faucets come in many styles and have a variety of features. A good faucet is made of durable material such as solid brass or polished stainless steel and requires little maintenance. Thanks to modern technology, low flow toilets, faucet aerators and showerheads are available on the market. They help people save a significant amount of water.

Many low-flow toilets have larger passages to avoid clogging while saving water. It is eco-friendly and reduces utility costs. These low flow devices are slightly more expensive, but they save consumers (and the environment) in the long run.

French Drains

Not to be confused with fancy faucets or other elegant indoor fixtures, french drains are an outdoor addition to your home's plumbing system that are an integral part of keeping your landscape looking its best. Simply put, a classical french drain is a water-drainage system that keeps flash floods out by dispersing water through gravel into a perforated pipe. The advantage here is that you don't have puddle buildup that eventually leads to a destroyed lawn--or even worse, a flooded home. Nowadays, you can also replace gravel with a synthetic substitute, if you want a different sort of aesthetic in your yard.

The point is, you need a plumber Los Angeles residents can count on for not only installing proper-working french drains, but also french drains that accent your yard rather than create an eyesore on it. That, in our opinion, is Fisk-It Plumbing.

Remember, whatever it is that you decide to do with your bathroom and plumbing systems, never settle for the bare bones. We know that it can seem more cost-effective at the time, but just like with french drains, when a problem arises it saves you money. Don't let a flood or faulty pipe be the reason you upgrade your systems: do it now, before it costs you a whole lot more.


Over the years our business has grown into a worldwide one. As such we spend great amounts of time ensuring retailers and repair personnel are familiar with the intricacies of our sink and drain pieces. Ritz plumbing is a plumber Anaheim knows well and has been serving the region for years. Their expertise with our line and their various certifications make them a great resource.

We would like to remind customers to avoid using any harsh abrasive cleaning pads or solutions. Very often a simple mixture of vinegar and water will suffice to remove hard-set water spots on your faucet or handles. This will help to ensure the longevity of your purchase and will be sure to impress your guests when they see their reflection when washing their hands.


Our retailers will be happy to know that shipments are back on line thanks to the addition of the Trailer Valet tow dolley to our fleet. We thank you for your support throughout the years and would like to send the message that we will stand besides those who have done the same for us.

The future is sure to bring exciting things for Doralfe and all of our partners. With retailers back on track and homebuilding recovering healthily we are glad to be a part of it. Please take time to consider working with us in furnishing your new building projects and remodels as we’ve got everything you need to get the job done.

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